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Oxford needs home and Oxford City Council is committed to building them.

High-quality, sustainable homes for Oxford

In 2016, Oxford City Council established OX Place (formerly Oxford City Housing Ltd.) as its own housing company to create high-quality, genuinely affordable homes in the City.

At OX Place, we’re responsible for building the houses local people need. Our profits are invested back into the city, to provide essential services for local people, and into building more homes for people who need them.

Oxford City Council has committed to being a net Zero city. Homes are responsible for 30% of a city’s carbon emissions, so getting our homes right is key to us achieving our ambitions.

Sustainable homes are also cheaper to run. They stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They harness renewable energy technology and they’re built using high quality materials.

We’re creating genuinely sustainable, genuinely affordable homes for current and future generations.

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