How do I apply for a shared ownership home in Oxford?

You’ll need to apply with OX Place if you are interested in buying a shared ownership home in Oxford. This is because there are more people looking to buy than homes available to buy right now in the City.

Once you have registered, we currently work with Oxford’s leading Estate Agent called Breckon & Breckon to manage the application and sale process on behalf of us and Oxford City Council. One of their team will be in touch to take your application further as soon as you register.

Interested in buying a shared ownership home from OX Place?

Great stuff. In order to reserve your home with us, you’ll need to complete our online registration form and once you have, one of our team will be in touch to make sure you are eligible and can afford to buy one.

How long does it take to buy a shared ownership home?

There are a few factors that will impact how long it takes to go from choosing your new home to getting the keys.

If the home is ready to move into immediately, the process of buying it will usually take between six and 10 weeks. But it depends on how quickly your chosen solicitor and mortgage provider process the paperwork so it’s important to pick both solicitors and mortgage/financial advisors that understand shared ownership, or it could cause delays.

We already work with advisors that understand shared ownership and can provide you with a list of preferred companies to contact. This also includes solicitors if you need us to help.

What does buying off-plan mean?

Used when talking about new build homes, buying off-plan means buying a home before it’s been built.

You’ll be shown information about the home – often floor plans with dimensions and drawings which represent what it will look like when it’s finished, and sometimes photos of similar homes built in other areas. You might be able to view a show home which is the same as the one you’re buying, but you won’t be able to see the actual one until it is safe to do so (usually after they have been built).

Buying off-plan often means the home won’t be ready for quite a few months (building quality homes isn’t a quick thing to do!) so you’ll have even more time to save and plan the things you want to put into your lovely new home when it’s ready to move into.   

We are working to build as many high-quality, affordable, and sustainable homes as possible, but there will often be more people who want to buy one than what we have available.

If you’ve seen a shared ownership home you want to buy, register with us here, or sign up for details of all our latest developments here.

It’s worth making sure you meet the eligibility criteria before applying as if you aren’t eligible, unfortunately you won’t be able to buy one of our homes right now.

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