Our OX Place Customers

It’s not just about building houses. We create communities for the people of Oxford to call their home. It’s something we’re extremely proud of at OX Place.

Read what some of our customers have to say about their experience with us.

Marianne C

Marianne is a nurse in the neuroscience ward at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. She almost moved to Liverpool to find an affordable home and start a new life, but ultimately wanted to be in Oxford. She has been living in a shared house with seven other people.

Marianne said: “Friends suggested I look into buying a house with help from the Government. I did some research into shared ownership because I wanted to buy a house and live in Oxford. The Curve is really convenient for me as there are direct buses to the hospital. It’s also just a few minutes walk to the shops.

“It was very easy. Lucy at OX Place and Breckon & Breckon went through everything with me. I looked at the brochure online and was excited to be the first person to own this new build. Buying a house is a milestone. I’m hoping to staircase to 100% in the future.”

“After living in shared accommodation for so many years, I’m happy to be able to go home, relax and live alone. For me, the most exciting thing is having my own kitchen and being able to cook meals without having to worry about housemates leaving a mess or wanting to get in to do their own cooking.”

Jenny B

Jenny said: “As a single person in Oxford, it is very hard to get on the property ladder. I’ve been looking for two years. I’ve done quite a bit of research and looked at a lot of schemes around Oxford. I remember walking past The Curve and thinking it was ideal.

“I spoke to Lucy and she was so nice and helpful. It can be so overwhelming if you haven’t done this before, but she would always reassure me and explain stuff to me. I really appreciated her help and support.

“I’m excited to make the space my own and live somewhere I can personalise. Renting privately is a constant source of stress, you never know when a landlord is going to change what they want to do with their property. With this home, I have security and know that it’s mine. I know no one is going to come along and kick me out.

“The houses are great. It’s nice to be in a house that’s warm, even when you don’t have the heating on! I’ve got really nice neighbours too.”

 “Words just aren’t enough, really, but thank you again for helping us towards achieving a home in Oxford at last.”

Mum of one

Here at OX Place, we’re on the side of people in Oxford. Created to provide genuinely affordable, high-quality homes in the City, we’re working hard to deliver.

With relatively little space left to develop in Oxford, we want to make sure any future developments meet the needs of local people.

Homeownership is an impossible dream for many of Oxford’s families. The average house price is more than 12 times average earnings.

Nearly half of Oxford’s homes are private rented, where rent costs can be up to two-thirds of take-home pay. Meanwhile, there are nearly 3,000 households on the housing waiting list.

This has an impact on everything in Oxford. Key workers are unable to afford to live in the city. More than half of the people who work in the city face a lengthy commute on overcrowded roads every day.

Building affordable, sustainable, high-quality homes in Oxford helps address all these issues.

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