Affordable new homes coming soon at Railway Lane in Littlemore

Railway Lane will soon be providing 90 thoughtfully designed, high-quality homes in Littlemore that will be available for social rent and to buy through shared ownership.

Railway Lane, Littlemore

On track for new homes in Littlemore. At OX Place, we’re creating affordable new homes for the people of Oxford.

We’re working with Cantay Estates on our Railway Lane scheme, to breathe new life into this area and make affording your new home reality. These aren’t just any old new builds though; they’re 90 thoughtfully designed, high-quality homes, with high environmental standards to help lower your energy bills.

Sound too good to be true? You’d better believe it.

Sitting in Littlemore, on the old Dominion Oils depot, Railway Lane will offer a variety of homes to suit your needs.

Young professional wanting to get out of rented accommodation? Try our 1 bed apartment. Young couple or family craving a home of your own? Our 2 or 3 bed homes could be the answer. Family juggling more than two kids and a dog? Our 4 or 5 bed options offer tonnes of space.

The site will be 100% affordable and 100% electric – it’s always been part of our key priorities to ensure affordability and sustainability.

Homes for all people and pockets.

Railway Lane will provide affordable homes through a mixture of shared ownership and social rent.

Shared ownership allows you to buy part of a home and rent the rest. Over time you can increase the amount you own (known as stair-casing) and you could eventually own all of it, if you wanted to. It’s a great way to get your foot on the property ladder. And because you only need a deposit for the share you buy, you can have the security of your own home sooner.

Social rent homes are let to you at a lower cost compared to privately rented homes – usually it’s about 40% less. OX Place is committed to building over 1000 homes in and for Oxford to be let at Social Rent.

Building a better future.

Net zero is at the front of all our minds, with more of us pledging to reduce our carbon emissions. Oxford City Council has committed to being a net zero city by 2030 and OX Place will play a central part. With homes responsible for 30% of the city’s carbon emissions, we want to make sure we are building sustainable homes to support our shared vision. As well as being 100% electric, our new homes will have heat pumps or solar panels to bring down the costs for the local community who live in them.

The biodiversity of Railway Lane is important to help reach net zero. Despite becoming overgrown in the years since the depot’s closure, this has created some important habitats and vegetation. We’ll recreate as much of this as we can at Railway Lane with gardens and open spaces, and provide the rest and more offsite, via our biodiversity committments. We’re even proposing relocating a population of slowworms to Shotover Country Park.

But it’s not just the homes at Railway Lane that will be making a difference to the community at this site. As part of this project, we’ll make a significant contribution towards sustainable travel in the local community. Around £95,000 will help to maintain local bus routes, which are currently in decline. And around £18,000 will provide a new shelter with real time bus information.

We’ll be back in touch closer to starting this exciting new chapter for Railway Lane, to keep you updated and take you along on our journey of transforming this space. 

Railway Lane is in Littlemore, postcode OX4 4PY

1-to-5-bedroom homes available to buy and to rent

Homes for sale through shared ownership

Building 90x 100% affordable and energy efficient new homes

Investing over
£95,000 in local public transport upgrades

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bedroom homes

High-quality internal specifications

100% electric sustainable homes

New gardens and open spaces

Great location in Littlemore (OX4)

Available to buy through shared ownership